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Computing Science

The Computing Science study program enables the acquisition of competencies for analyzing and solving medium-complex engineering problems in the field of computing using modern computer tools.

The goal of the study is to educate competent experts who:

  • Apply appropriate mathematical, physical and general scientific principles to solve more complex problems
  • Apply advanced technical knowledge and technical principles in setting and solving more complex computer problems
  • They develop innovative methods and advanced modeling procedures when solving the most complex engineering problems
  • They propose new solutions for improving computer systems.
  • They analyze complex information and computer systems using methods from the field of computing
  • They independently develop complex algorithms• Use advanced programming skills
  • They understand the complete software development cycle from planning, through development and testing to maintenance,
  • They apply advanced knowledge in the field of computer graphics and visualization
  • Apply advanced knowledge about information, relevance of information, information and communication technologies (ICT) and information systems (IS).

Academic title or degree obtained at the end of the undergraduate study university bachelor (baccalaureus) computer engineer, level 6.2Academic title or degree obtained at the end of graduate studies:master of engineering / master of engineering in computing (mag. ing. comp.), level 7.2.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers design and build solutions to a variety of problems, improving efficiency in a wide range of industries. The Technical Faculty in Pula conducts professional studies where you can become a Production Mechanical Engineer and Diploma studies where you can acquire the competencies of a construction and mechatronics engineer.

The goal of the study is to educate competent experts for:

  • management of operational and technological preparation of production,
  • managing and organizing work with modern production processes,
  • organizing the maintenance technology of equipment, machines and energy plants,
  • ensuring the required quality in processes,
  • resolving disruptions in production processes,
  • use of IT support in the profession,
  • providing logistical support to production and other processes, and
  • product and company presentation.

Academic title or degree obtained upon completion of professional undergraduate studies: professional bachelor's degree (baccalaureus/ baccalaurea) mechanical engineer (bacc. ing. mech.), Level 6.Academic title or degree obtained at the end of graduate studies: master of engineering / master of mechanical engineering (mag. ing. mech.), level 7.2.

The faculty offers four study programs:

  • Undergraduate university studies in Computing
  • Undergraduate vocational study Production engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and
  • Graduate university study in Mechanical Engineering