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Join us for an enriching experience in Pula, Croatia from July 15th to 17th, 2024. 

The first Central and Mediterranean European Conference on New Technologies, Society, and Development is scheduled to be held in Croatia in 2024. This conference will facilitate collaboration and foster innovation across several scientific disciplines. Esteemed scholars and industry specialists will convene at this distinguished event with the aim of advancing technological knowledge. The event will include dynamic research presentations and debates, promoting cooperation among experts from many fields. The organizing committee is committed to establishing conference objectives and ensuring its success. This is a collaboration between academic institutions and global technical firms. This undertaking demonstrates a dedication to advancing and sharing knowledge in the field of technology, and more updates will be provided in the near future.

Conference Topics

  • Emerging Technologies and Innovations
  • Society, Medicine and Technological Integration
  • Sustainable Development through Technology
  • Industry 4.0 and the Future of Work
  • Digital Transformation in Various Sectors
  • Collaborative Innovation and Research Synergies
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications
  • Technological Education and Knowledge Sharing
  • Impact of Technology on Development



Day 1 - Monday, 15.7.
Campus restaurant, Petra Preradovića 9a, Pula. Google maps location

19:00 - 19:30: Registration - Welcome desk
20:00 - 21:30: Cocktail and ice-breaking event - Refreshments and networking. 
TradInEtno Orkestar concert.

Day 2 - Tuesday, 16.7.
Location: Coworking Pula, Marka Marulica 5, Pula. Google maps location.

Hybrid mode via:

10:00 - 10:35: Opening ceremony—official welcome & OKUD Istra concert
10:35 - 10:55: Invited lecture: Hagen Helge Hochrinner, A new (?) job description for teachers in times of AI and change
11:00–11:10: Coffee break - Refreshments
11:10 - 11:35: Invited lecture: Academician Negoslav Ostojić and Boris Cizelj, The Role of Innovation Ecosystem
11:35 - 12:00: 
Invited lecture: Irena Jurjević, The human body and its environment
12:00 - 12:40:
Round Table Discussion: Science, Technology, and Society - Industry 4.0 and SMEs' Expectations from Academia

12:40 - 13:30: Lunch Break - Lunch

13.30 - 15.50h Presentations


ON SITE PRESENTATIONS Coworking Pula, Marka Marulica 5, Pula. Google maps location.

Engineering, innovations, industry and technology session

13:30 - David Sarközi
Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Differentiated Branding Strategies for Sustainable Products Utilizing Recycled Plastics in Hungary

13:40 - Drago Pupavac
Title: Safety Perspectives at Level Crossings of Small European Railways

13:50 - Marko Kršulja, Dario Bognolo, Dinko Jurjević, Dea Sauko
Title: Ensuring Worker Safety: Protection Strategies Against High-Pressure Noise in the Workplace

14:00 - Petar Pupavac
Title: The Impact of Various Factors on Earthquakes

14:10 - Dinko Jurjević
Title: Hybrid Boats

14:20 - Miralem Mešanović, Damir Karabaić, Dario Vekić
Title: Static Structural Analysis of Submarine Pipeline Installation

14:30 - Matija Jurcan, Damir Karabaić, Matija Bauer
Title: Simulation of Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine

14:40 - Ivan Hrabar, Matija Bauer, Saša Šteković
Title: Towards Advanced Solutions for Outdoor Mobile Robotic Carbon Measurement: An Overview, Challenges and Future Directions

Medicine, society and innovations session

14:50 - Nikolina Zemljak Miočić, Sven Maričić, Dubravko Manestar
Title: 3D Printing Technology: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

15:00 - Denis Juraga, Tomislav Rukavina, Mihaela Marinović Glavić, Darko Roviš, Lovorka Bilajac, Hein Raat, and Vanja Vasiljev
Title: Implementing an Online Mindfulness-Based Community Intervention to Reduce Stress and Improve Quality of Life in Older People

15:10 - Lovorka Bilajac, Vanja Vasiljev, Mihaela Marinović Glavić, Denis Juraga, Sven Maričić, Tomislav Rukavina, Zlatko Trobonjača
Title: Leveraging New Technology to Enhance Health and Well-being in Urban Areas

15:20 - Mihaela Marinović Glavić, Vanja Vasiljev, Denis Juraga, Lovorka Bilajac, Zlatko Trobonjača, Bojan Jelaković, Tomislav Rukavina
Title: Salt Reduction Through New Technologies

15:30 - Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, Oana Ancuţa Stângaciu, Mihaela Clincu
Title: EU CCI Labour Markets in Times of Crises: A Comparative Assessment of Resilience in the Economic Recession and Covid19 Pandemic

15:40 - Zlatko Trobonjača, Lovorka Bilajac, Vanja Vasiljev, Mihaela Marinović Glavić, Denis Juraga, Tomislav Rukavina
Title: Vaccination Against COVID-19 and a Higher Risk for Arterial Hypertension

15:50 - Vanja Vasiljev, Tomislav Rukavina, Denis Juraga, Lovorka Bilajac, Mihaela Marinović Glavić, Zlatko Trobonjača, Sven Maričić, Darko Roviš, Ruth Gow McLenachan, Alfonso Gallego Valadés, Tamara Alhambra Borras
Title: Health Outcomes from Raised Urban Settings (HORUS)– Study design in the city of Rijeka



Engineering, innovations, industry and technology session

13:30 - Lovro Liverić, Dubravko Janković, Dinko Jurjević, Dario Bognolo
Title: Fire Protection - Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems

13:40 - Lovro Liverić, Dalibor Bobeta, Marko Kršulja, Dario Bologno
Title: Fire Protection Systems on the Self-Elevating Oil Drilling Platform ADM 337

13:50 - Mariusz Król, Anna Woźniak, Katarzyna Cesarz-Andraczke, Przemysław Snopiński
Title: Development of Magnesium-based Alloys for Bone Regeneration Implants and Temporary Orthopaedic Applications

14:00 - Hasan Sözen
Title: Machine Learning in Sport Sciences

14:10 - Mario Escartin Larraz, Alejandro Roman Simon, Jaime Mendoza Losada
Title: AI in Financial Markets

14:20 - Darío Pérez-Mancebo Fernández, Insah Ata Uzel, Oumar Diallo
Title: Blockchain in the Digital Economy

Medicine, sport, society and innovations session

14:30 - Tamara Alhambra-Borras
Title: The Impact of Urban Built Environment on Non-Communicable Diseases: A Narrative Review

14:40 - Oscar Dorta Morales, Alvaro Zamora Nasarre, Alonso Rodriguez Moreda
Title: Investigating the Impact of Urban Green Spaces on Mental Health

14:50 - Sandra Stojkovic Hinic, Vedrana Domačinović Pičuljan, Tomasz Szemberg, Irene Gkotsi, Vasiliki Soumpenioti, Milena Koleva, Glória Leite, Consuelo Torregrosa Andreu
Title: Upstairs: Transition to Primary School

15:00 - Hayriye Gül Kuruyer, Sanem Tabak, Hasan Sözen
Title: A Perspective on Physical Education in Primary School: Current Status and Issues Related to Developmental Areas

15:10 - Mirian Fernández Salido, Tamara Alhambra Borras, Jorge Garcés Ferrer
Title: Motivational Interviewing as an Innovative Approach to Improve the Socio-health Care of Frail Adults

15:20 - Maida Arslanagić, Sandra Stojkovic Hinic, Marijana Čavala, Petra Vrdoljak, Ana Srzić, Martina Trnka
Title: HandbALL IN

Closing Remarks - Summary and closing of the day's sessions

18:30: Unformal conference dinner (with Pula sightseeing)

Day 3 - Wednesday, 17.7.
Location: Bunarina, Verudela 5, 52100, Pula. Google maps location.

10:30 - 16:00: Out of the conference day
Fratarski island sessions - We are pleased to provide a unique session on Fratarski island. The natural beauty and tranquility of Fratarski island make it ideal for a day of educational discussions and networking. Join us for a memorable day of academia in nature.

Link to flyer:  Flyer.pdf

We cordially encourage the submission of abstracts through the conference submission portal. Every abstract that is submitted will undergo a thorough peer-review process. Abstracts that are accepted will be published in the conference proceedings. The period for abstract submission and registration will span until June 25thAs this is the inaugural year of our congress, we are pleased to announce that there will be no fees for the publication of the book of abstracts, nor any congress registration fees.


Registration is now closed. We have received nearly 30 abstracts - THANK YOU!